Monday, February 11, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #75: Babe

Ah, Babe. A movie about a pig who thinks he's a sheep dog. It's a funny movie with bursts of poignancy. While I wish they would've skipped the idea to have the animals' mouths mouth out the words, there's not a whole lot of fault that I can find here.

Plus, remember that ending?

"That'll Do, Pig"

One thing worth remember about Babe is that even though Farmer Hoggett is fond of the young protagonist, there remains the fairly consistant threat throughout the movie that one day, he will probably murder, cook and eat him. This is the elephant in the room from the beginning, and you don't really get the sense that the threat is put to bed completely until literally the last line of the movie.

Babe stuns the onlookers by herding all of the sheep (using the secret password) around the gates and into the pen (the perfect shocked silence in this scene is beautiful), and when everything works perfectly, just as Farmer Hoggett knew that it would, and the crowd explodes into cheering, he has just one simple thing to say.

"That'll do, Pig".



  1. Yet somehow saying "That'll do, Pig. That'll do." to one's wife is unacceptable. Can't even say "That'll do" because of what it's a reference to.

    1. Tell her it's okay; I'm taking it back.

    2. My wife would be fine with it, but my wife is cooler than most.

      I love this movie, and Marshall's performance. I think it's the fewest number of lines spoken by a character that nabbed an Oscar, or something?

  2. Just watched this scene again. Sweet Jesus, Marshall's performance still nails me.

    1. do you mean Cromwell? I have no idea who Marshall is. Cromwell was nominated for an Oscar, but he didn't win it. But yeah, great acting.

      Just saw this for the first time a few days ago. I was impressed.