Sunday, March 17, 2013

Movie Scene List #63: United 93

Of all the entries on this list, the ending of United 93 is the only one where I'm rather self-conciously taking the 'kickass' adjective off (it's an amazing scene, but 'kickass' sort of feels inappropriate). I haven't actually watched the movie since Linds and I saw it in theaters. I probably won't watch it again.

I did just watch the ending again, though, and it's as blood freezing and haunting as ever.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #64: Jaws

I mentioned earlier that Jurassic Park was a big deal so far as my movie watching growth was concerned. That's very true, but Jaws is the first "don't tell mom" movie my dad and I ever watched together. I couldn't even venture a guess at how old I was - under 10, for sure.

I don't recall being that scared of it. I actually think I was more creeped out watching it again a couple years ago than I was back then. Either way, the underwater boat scene (crazy disembodied heads!) and the chumming scene (jump scares!) both blew my young mind, but neither of them made the final cut.

One of the quietest moments did.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #65: There Will Be Blood

This is not the last entry this movie will have on this list. In fact, it's not even the second to last entry.

There Will Be Blood had somehow evaded my "must watch" list until fairly recently. Then one night, after beers and music discussion, my friend and I decided to wind down the evening with a movie. Something light was probably in order. Instead, we watched a deep, slow-moving, harrowing character study.

Sometimes dumb decisions just sort of work out.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #66: Empie Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back isn't just my favorite Star Wars movie, it's one of my favorite movies, period. It wasn't either of those things when I was younger. The romance and character building were mostly lost on preteen nibbish, but over time, it became obvious just how great the movie is.

There's a certain scene toward the end that always gets me these days.

No... not that one.

Well, yes... that one, too. That one comes later, though.

"I Love You." "I Know."

The romantic leadup between Han and Leia is fantastic in this movie. They start with the angry sniping, and... well... they sniping at each other for most of the rest of the movie, but once they reach Cloud City, it's apparent how much the duo care about and trust each other.

...then they open the door and Darth Vader ruins everything. Cue torture, bounty hunters, and general Empire related mayhem (they are striking back, after all).

Han's quote as he's being lowered into the carbonite chamber could come off as a sort of cocky acknowledgement, but Harrison Ford's delivery is perfect (in a sort of cheesy way, but such is the greatness of Star Wars and space operas in general). Of course he knows. We all do. We have all along.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #67: No Country For Old Men

Most of my friends actively hated this scene (though they liked the movie attached to it). Come to think about it, a lot of people did.

Ending spoilers abound.