Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bye, Torii

After over a decade with the Twins, it's been reported that Torii Hunter and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have 'reached a preliminary agreement' for 5 years (thought to be) worth at least $80 million, territory the Twins could not hope to match (and really shouldn't think about trying to match).

Fare thee well, Torii (except when the Angels play the Twins, of course)... It was a lot of fun watching you all these years.

Monday, November 19, 2007

SIC (lol)

Remember the Days When Getting Mail Was Fun?

Yeah, so do I... I seem to recall them being days where I didn't get exclusively credit card applications and bills for weeks on end.

"Selling Out is Not Possible"

I always shudder when someone uses the word 'sellout' to describe an musician. The idea strikes me as ridiculous, since the people who say it are (almost) always achieving some method of gainful employment themselves. Would you really go to your job for free/next to nothing if you had the choice of making more money? I can't imagine anyone responding to that question in the affirmative, yet people seem to expect their favorite band to do just that.

Ranting aside, however, Of Montreal's lead singer, Kevin Barnes, has put his opinions on the matter over here at Stereogum. Those few paragraphs sum it up better than I ever could (and in a more informed way, since I don't recall anyone clamouring for my music to be in commercials).

Monday, November 5, 2007

The Worst Thing Ever

Follow this link and prepare to not believe your eyes:

Because really... who DOESN'T want Gonorrhea as the template for their tie?
Even better are the conversation possibilities that having an Avian Flu tie could bring up. "Hey, cool pattern, what is it?""The doom of the human race"
Of note: they have plushies. Yes, that's right... Plush gonorrhea. Your life is so close to being complete, order now.


I realize that I've possibly overgushed about 'AD', but breaking the all-time NFL single-game rushing yards record does merit at least a passing mention. Yesterday was a great game all around. Aside from the best game a running back has ever had, the Defense played great, and Bollinger played very nicely in relief of an (AGAIN) injured Tavaris Jackson. It's too bad the quarterback situation isn't better, because Sidney Rice is electrifying, and with the domination of our running game, we could be a playoff calibur team.

Without Peterson, this would be a 3-13 team, it's truely shocking how good he is for how long he's been in the NFL. Having played 8 games, he's got two 200+ yard games. Hopefully we can assemble a decent team around him (and an even mildly imposing air attack) next year.