Monday, November 5, 2007

The Worst Thing Ever

Follow this link and prepare to not believe your eyes:

Because really... who DOESN'T want Gonorrhea as the template for their tie?
Even better are the conversation possibilities that having an Avian Flu tie could bring up. "Hey, cool pattern, what is it?""The doom of the human race"
Of note: they have plushies. Yes, that's right... Plush gonorrhea. Your life is so close to being complete, order now.


  1. i finally have a good blog. how do you become my friend?

  2. anyways, if I win this week (which will take 5 rob bironas points to do...), i will be 9-2. the next best team - 6-4-1. then 3 6-5's. (and then 3 5-6's... lol). 3-7-1 and 3-8 round out the league.

    Beat that.