Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #66: Empie Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back isn't just my favorite Star Wars movie, it's one of my favorite movies, period. It wasn't either of those things when I was younger. The romance and character building were mostly lost on preteen nibbish, but over time, it became obvious just how great the movie is.

There's a certain scene toward the end that always gets me these days.

No... not that one.

Well, yes... that one, too. That one comes later, though.

"I Love You." "I Know."

The romantic leadup between Han and Leia is fantastic in this movie. They start with the angry sniping, and... well... they sniping at each other for most of the rest of the movie, but once they reach Cloud City, it's apparent how much the duo care about and trust each other.

...then they open the door and Darth Vader ruins everything. Cue torture, bounty hunters, and general Empire related mayhem (they are striking back, after all).

Han's quote as he's being lowered into the carbonite chamber could come off as a sort of cocky acknowledgement, but Harrison Ford's delivery is perfect (in a sort of cheesy way, but such is the greatness of Star Wars and space operas in general). Of course he knows. We all do. We have all along.


  1. Yeah, it's kind of a transition for him. Having him say "I love you" back would have been out of character, but it's obvious he's softened a bit. If I recall, it was "I love you" in Kasdan's script but Ford suggested the change.

  2. It's a nice exchange. I'd kind of forgotten about it, but it's coming back now. I wonder if I'd like this at all if I watched it again.