Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #74: Patton

A funny story accompanies this one. My earliest memory of this movie is that my dad really liked it. We were on a road trip to Arizona to see my grandparents, and we had stopped in a crappy motel that had cable - and Patton was playing. I've always been a night owl but for some reason this particular night, I was having none of the whole 'staying awake' thing. I complained to my dad that the movie (and scene #74 in particular) was too loud.

He responded by mentioning that this was a great movie and a great scene, and that I'd like it someday. Then he told me to try to ignore it.

I guess he was right.

Opening Speech

Movie openings don't get a lot more iconic than this. George C. Scott as General Patton, rallying troops with an enormous American flag as the backdrop.

Whatever else it might be (and it's certainly a lot of things), it's fantastic and interesting filmmaking.

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