Friday, February 15, 2013

Kickass Movie Scene List #72: Spartacus

Another one from a ways back. I remember seeing Spartacus on UPN back in the day, and thinking nothing of it. It's a solid flick, but the part that sticks with people is that one iconic scene regarding a bunch of folk who have apparently forgotten exactly how many Spartacuses there are.

Come, let us gaze upon the manliest tear ever shed.

"I am Spartacus"

The rebellion lies in ruins. The slave army is in chains. Everyone knows what's next - their enemies are not known for their mercy, after all. So it's much to their surprise when the herald notes that all will be forgiven. They'll still be slaves, but they'll be alive. All they have to do is point out their leader. Spartacus springs to his feet to spare his army the agony of having to do it themselves.

Only that's not quite how it goes.

Props to the Pepsi commercial for their clever take on the whole thing.

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  1. My God, this is brilliant writing.