Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not 100: Paranormal Activity 3

I have a soft spot for the Paranormal Activity movies (except the fourth one, that one sucked out loud). Sure, they're among the most eventless examples of the horror genre, but they play up a certain "you're not alone" creepiness that most anyone should be able to relate to. This entry of Not 100 contains a scene from the third installment, creatively titled Paranormal Activity 3.

Paranormal Activity 3 - Camera + Oscillating Fan =Disappointment

When I saw the fan come out, I was excited. Typically

So why isn't it on my top 100?

First of all, it's Paranormal Activity 3. There will be plenty of questionable choices, as well as plenty of questionable omissions, but outside of a truly epic scare, there's no way that a scene from a Paranormal Activity movie is going to make the cut.

Second, the scene kind of sucks...

Wait. That's the creepiest thing that this setup has to offer? A ghost wearing a bedsheet?

Missed opportunity, directors of Paranormal Activity 3. I'm not saying it could've been epic, but it could've been a lot creepier than a spook in a bedsheet.

Okay, I don't know why the guy is still dragging around a video camera, but you're getting warmer on the 'creepy front.

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