Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Get This Party Started

So, it's been a while since I did anything with this space. I don't really do any sorts of reviews anymore (maybe in 2013), the last couple of seasons of Spookymilk Survivor haven't been of the writing variety (I might do writeups on some of the current All Star challenges, we'll see), and the awesome lists that I was doing have concluded.

The most obvious answer is to start up another kickass list, of course!

Starting  on January 2nd, I'll be counting down my 100 favorite scenes/moments in movies. If this sounds like a good idea, it's because it most certainly is. Once a weekday, every weekday, I'll share another scene or moment or piece from a movie that I find just a little bit better than the one from the preceding day. It'll be great.

How will this be better than the video game list, you wonder?

* This whole thing is already written and scheduled. That doesn't mean that it'll be proofread any better than the video game list, but there won't be week long chunks where I basically tell my readers to go screw themselves.

* One list, not two. Remember how there were two lists before? Well, this time there's only one. How is this better, you might ask? A little thing called consistency.

* Better handling of things the fact that I'm going to be watching awesome things while the list is ongoing. When I made the video game list, I purposefully left some spots open. My line of thinking was that as I played awesome new video games, they'd certainly merit spots on the list, and so I should leave space open for them. That was stupid and if I hadn't played and loved the ever-living shit out of Chrono Trigger, it would've been disastrous. I won't be doing that this time. Instead, this list is solidified, and if I watch Troy and think that that one scene with Eric Bana deserves mention, I'll mention it in its own post around where I think that scene would've shown up (think of it as a sort of 10 vs. 10a type of thing).

So here's how this thing is going to work.

1. Tomorrow I'm going to post the list framework. For now, it'll just look like a big set of numbers (1 to 100). As I reveal more of the list, it'll fill up, and each entry on the list will have a link back to it for ease of use (that's another way this list will be better. I should've put that up above).

2. Starting Monday - and continuing once a day til Friday - I'm going to reveal some scenes that are interesting or noteworthy, but didn't make the list for one reason or another.

3. Starting December 24th, I'm going to do my annual music roundup.

4. Starting December 2nd, the list proper begins. It doesn't end for MONTHS.

Are you excited? Let me tell you, you're not nearly excited enough.


  1. Sounds sexy, asshole. Don't skimp on Survivor posts, though.

  2. As he promised, there are two awesome typos in this post.

  3. My question is, how did neither of those words get flagged?

    uh, I mean... what typos?

  4. consistancy

    "Starting December 2nd"

  5. Seriously, I must have visited the site the day before this post, because I occasionally drop in to see if anything is going on. Hence my smart-ass quip on DbT. Oops.