Monday, December 17, 2012

Not 100: Doom

With this list, I plan on doing something similar to what I did with Video Game list regarding spoilers. I'll post a brief description of the movie and the scene in question, then hide the actual scene and any discussion of the spoilery goodness behind a jump. Sometimes it won't be necessary, but I'll do it for all of them.

This week, I'm posting five scenes that merited consideration for the list, but were not included in the final version for one reason or another. Let's start the not-list off right/wrong. Today's movie is Doom.

You read that right.

Doom - Does This Remind You Of Anything?

Of the many, many (many many many) flaws found within Doom, one of the worst  is how damned seriously it takes itself. For a movie based on a video game with practically no plot, it certainly seems content to spend an hour building its thoroughly unimportant plot. Even once the action gets going, it's so boring and self-serious that there's practically no fun to be had.

With one notable exception.

So why isn't it in the list? Well, because it's stupid - deliriously so. It's also fairly perfunctory - it's a video game movie that has a sequence that looks like it takes place in a first person shooter! It's really not anywhere near the top 100, but it's easily fits the bill for "favorite scene from an otherwise awful movie." Seriously. Doom is terrible.

Also, the part where the one guy fights one of the monsters by picking up a monitor and swinging it by the cords is hilarious. Sadly, I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

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