Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 50 Video Game Moments: Number 21

The last non-top 20 video game moment comes to us from Fallout 3 again. Yes, i know I just did one of these, bear with me. This one comes from near the end of the game, so if you're spoiler averse, exit the premises immediately.

Near the end of the original game, the Brotherhood of Steel (the armor-clad faction you've been aiding for the last third or so of the game) decides to raid the Jefferson Memorial. Since the memorial is an enemy stronghold, they decide the most fundamentally sound idea is to unleash the 90 foot tall battle robot they've been constructing.

Seems like a sensible plan.
You are tasked with escorting the giant robot to the memorial. Actually, "escorting the giant robot" doesn't describe the action that follows very well. It's more of a "watch shit around you blow up" mission. I'd be fine with just that - hey, who doesn't like watching shit blow up? To up the ante, the things that Liberty Prime says as he goes about his uber-destructive business are fantastic. He is essentially a capitalist-propaganda spewing walking death machine.

Always remember, kids, communism is a lie.
Giant, invincible, propaganda-spewing robots that defeat communism as you cheer from the sidelines?

Yes, please.

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