Friday, August 26, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor IX: Questionnaire Extraordinaire

Much to Spoons' chagrin, this one is going up a day late, as I spent last night being bad at golf.

Things are getting interesting now. The teams are merged, and all the folks are scurrying to make sure they don't get left without a dance partner. I remain confident that my super secret alliance with DK will pay off big, if that damnable Brooks Maki doesn't ruin everything.

In more challenge-related business, this week, Spooky put up a quiz based on the questionnaire that he had sent out before the season started. The quiz had an absurd forty-six questions. I'm not going to review all of them, because I love you all too much for that. I'll just pick off my answers to a few of them.

1. How many people have had no votes cast against them?
I'm one of four. I think that will probably change this week.

6. Who's the only person to play VII, VIII, and IX?
Me again. I'll extend that streak next time around.

9. Who's survived the most weeks without winning?
I think I've got something like 32? Hopefully I'll disqualify myself for this category.

11. How many picked the Beatles?
I picked the Beastie Boys. The way Kelly worded it, it made it some like only Zack was cool enough to do that. Bah.

19. The most fun I ever had:
Was since graduating into real life. I have a loving wife, money to spend, and a house to do with whatever I wants to. Tech school was fun, high school had lots of good times... real life kicks ass.

25. How many people said "what's a musical"?
When I was a kid, I had a kneejerk reaction to musicals. It took a while to get over that. I actually like a few musicals now, I've just never seen any of the ones listed. I know this makes me ridiculous... I'll put them on my queue.

What was your first album?
In 1995, I went to The Mustard Seed and purchased Scott Krippayne's Wild Imagination with my own funds. Contemporary Christian Music at its most generic, but damn if there aren't memories tied up in that bland, awful music.

32. Most embarassing movie: Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie.
I don't hate this movie, and actually like the concept of Veggie Tales, it's just something that people give me shit about.

Most embarrassing thing: "I would go out golfing in an outfit that consisted of three sizes too big T-Shirt, two sizes too small shorts, and knee-high socks. I pretty much ruled."
If Linds and I would've broken up after 6 months, she would've been worth it for the pure and simple fact that she cared enough about me (and her own self-image) to make me dress like something other than a complete dork (pleated pants! jean shorts! T-Shirts advertising strange made up products!).

41. What place will you get: How many claimed victory?
I don't know why you wouldn't claim victory, but apparently I'm the only one who did??? Is that even possible? I was just playing around, but it seems that six people placed themselves in the top four. That just seems weird to me.

45. Who do you hope wins?: Which smartass named a previous two-time Survivor winner who isn’t playing this season?
I certainly did, and I still believe it. If there's anything I've learned, it's that Brooks Maki will find a way.

The vote ought to be interesting. I'm a little worried.


  1. Sorry about the 46 questions thing. I had entirely too much fun with all the stats.

    I remembered that two bands were only named once; I forgot that the Beasties weren't one of them. Oops.

    See Les Miserables. Now. Not the non-musical movie, though. That's boring as hell, though technically solid.

    As for only you claiming victory, that was pretty wild. Everyone hedged their bets even though they knew it was just between themselves and their "humble" judge.

    Waiting for votes is killing me this time, man. Killing me.

  2. Well, Andy was eliminated by an 8-1 vote. If he had the idol, I'm thankful he didn't use it, because the one vote was (assumedly his) towards me. It would've been a little embarrassing getting voted out with only one vote.

  3. Yeah, I think you and I are still golden...I'm sure nobody expects we're working together!

  4. Jonah was a prophet! But he really never got it! And if you watch it you can spot it! He did not get the point!