Monday, August 29, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor IX: Matrix

Programming note: For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the next two entries in my video game lists, those will be up (along with an explanation of why this is taking so long lately) this evening. Sorry about the wait.

This week in Spookymilk Survivor…

A collaborative game called “Matrix”. The idea is that a path has been laid out on an 8x8 board (think a chessboard). A player gets three ‘turns’ a day, during which the player emails Spooky with a guess at what the path from point A to point B is. Spooky replies back, informing the player to what point they were correct, and the player determines how best to go from there.

This one’s really sort of impossible to realistically talk about, since the nature of the game is entirely collaborative, and it’s not really in my best interest to discuss the collaborations and comings and goings in this space just yet. I was fairly busy over the weekend, except during the late hours, so all my guesses were being sent in at midnight (except last night, which I was unavailable for). I’m not sure whether that helped or hurt my collaborations, but ultimately, I doubt it matters too much. I feel confident that no one whom I want sticking around is going anywhere, and that’s a win for team Nibbish.

I didn’t get last place… though I’m pretty certain that’s not the point of this challenge. Geoff did get first place, and shared his immunity with Zack. We’ll see how that pans out.

I do like this challenge, I initially would’ve thought that it would be a bear to judge, but with Spooky’s love of knowing the drama and what’s going on, this is the perfect way to determine who’s aligning with who, and what sort of interesting twists he can expect going forward.

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  1. It would certainly be a bear to judge in a week where my internet access was lesser. Not a bear...impossible.

    I wish it was a better challenge for spectators, but oh well.