Monday, June 6, 2011

My 50 Favorite Games: How It’s Going to Be

So, I may have mentioned that I’m making a couple of lists. I’m looking forward to doing them, but I should probably note a couple of things real quick.

For the “50 Favorite Games” list, I’ll be doing a self-imposed maximum of one game per series. This way, I’ll get a lot more variety, and I won’t have to do four different write-ups for Halo. If there are a bunch of games in a series that I enjoy, I’ll make a little note at the bottom of the entry saying where they’d show up if they appeared.

For a variety of different reasons which would bore you to tears, I didn’t own an NES until I was 25. Fortunately, I was able to play a bunch of different NES games at friends’ houses, so it’s not a total wash. Unfortunately, these lists are pretty much screwed from the start because a lot of the “classics” are games that I didn’t play until it was way too late to get a nostalgic attachment to them. You won’t see the original Metroid on this list, nor will you see Punch Out!, the original Contra, or (gasp!) much from the Zelda series. They’re all fun games, but by the time I was able to devote the time needed to really get into them, I had an Xbox 360.

Sorry to keep dragging this out without actually providing anything in the way of content, but overanalyzing and pointless explanation is kind of my “thing”.

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    By the way, Metroid is better than any 360 game I've ever played, nostalgia or no. That sort of game design just isn't around much anymore, and I love it.

    This is, by the way, frighteningly similar to the list I did a few years ago. 50 games, lots of missing classics for the same reason, and a self-imposed "one game per series" limitation, so the reader didn't become bored. A few people said I should have left that rule out, though, since the games themselves are so immensely different (particularly in a story-driven series like Final Fantasy or what have you).

    My #50, since I know you're curious, was BattleToads. I could easily make a new list given the sheer number of games I've played since I made the list, though.