Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 50 Video game Moments: Number 47

Programming note: because I accidentally hit 'submit' without setting the schedule, you get this one early. Don't expect me to be ahead of schedule again

Full disclosure: It's almost a certainty that I'll do this again... maybe more than once. I am a very forgetful person.

Today's moment comes from the game 'Splosion Man. It doesn't really reveal anything in terms of plot, but if you prefer to earn the listed moment, play the game first.

Seriously, though... the game is very good. You should play it.

One of the main draws of the brilliant exploding platformer 'Splosion Man was its severely off kilter sense of humor. I'll go more in depth when its entry comes up on my 'Top 50 games' list (soon!), but it's safe to say that the crowning moment of the game is it's awesomely demented ending.

Words alone would be severely insufficient for this one, so here's the final boss, ending cutscene, and the credits video. There are other videos showcasing just the final cutscene or just the credits song - and both are tremendous - but together, they are both unstoppable and hilarious.

Make sure the volume is on for the credits.

How is this feasible, indeed.

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