Sunday, May 6, 2012

Survivor Turbo - Let's Talk About Sex

Today: Sex!!

My submission:

“We don’t have to do this.”

The hell they didn’t. Victoria knew as well as he what was to happen. Both desired nothing else for weeks. The furtive glances, the flirty quips, those smoldering glances that Gladstone thought she hadn’t noticed. Oh, she noticed.

He came for her, carelessly knocking over an antique end table in his path – the mahogany finish chipping on the floor. Victoria knew his ways. She didn’t care; his violence only fueled her lust.

She forcefully grabbed him and began to kiss him. He enveloped her in his strong arms and threw her onto the bed. Her arms splayed, knocking over the nightstand in the process. The original wood stain of the table remained untarnished, but the gold inlay did not survive their passion. The table’s ruination was lost on the passionate lovers as they fell further into each other’s thrall.

This had gone on long enough. Victoria pushed him back, and undid his belt. She worked his pants to his ankles before giving him a playful nudge. He staggered, his weight crashing down on the footstool, which had survived centuries and two world wars undamaged, only to be sundered by their lust.

They made love for what seemed like hours. Finally, as Victoria moaned in the ecstasy that only he could provide, Gladstone gave one final thrust. As waves of pleasure wracked her body, the headboard of their seemingly sturdy Colonial-era oak bed cracked. It’s shattered boards forever bearing testament to their decadence.

And here are the judges' critiques

Beau:  Something about this story just makes me smile.  I think it’s the reminder that antiques are usually just somebody else’s old junk, and I wonder how many people buy things at those stores not knowing that people had sex on them.  BRONZE

Stef: Interesting descriptions of the room here. Not sure what point, if any, is being made in describing the room being ravaged. I can see it as a way to show how passionate they are, I guess. SILVER

DK: I like the setting, I just didn’t find enough else that really stuck out in the way the story was told.

So, the story is essentially a romance novel where the narrator gets sort of bored of the action and becomes more interested in the antique furniture in the lovers' bedroom. It's a goofy, sort of dumb concept, but it made me smile when it popped into my head, so I went with it.

My original concept was going to be a romance novel where the narrator began to describe stranger and more deviant actions until the couple in question lost the mood. It was going to be a little difficult to pull off properly given both the time and word constraints. The one I ended up coming up with ended up being exactly the right number of words (I checked something like four times).

Given how mine was, I figured that the only way it would medal is if someone was a particular fan of the oddball idea. It seems like I confused people, more than anything, so mission failed, I guess. Still an idea that no one else went with, so better than nothing, I suppose.

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