Thursday, May 3, 2012

Previously, On Spookymilk Survivor, Turbo....

So hey, I won Spookymilk Survivor X. That's pretty cool.

Since when have I ever been content to go out in a blaze of glory, though? (let's pretend for a moment that there have been a lot of other blazes of glory that I have embarked on). A new season has started, with crazy new rules, and lots of hijinks have ensued.

You all know what this means. Lots of navel gazing and discussion on what the 100 word story I wrote really meant to me... I know you're excited. I'm excited. Let's do this.

To recap:

  • I wrote a story about a mythological bird. It's my favorite story that I've written so far this season. I don't know that I could've improved it very much.
  • Some crazy person freaked out after she got eliminated. High comedy.
  • My team and I wrote a story during which we were unable to coordinate with each other, the result was hilarious and uneven, culminating with the protagonist rejecting an offer to fornicate in a hospital supply closet, opting instead to murder the propositioning woman by throwing her into the starship's reactor core (surprise! it was on a spaceship! I did not know that...)
  • Shawn Ashley got eliminated. It was crazy, though she did accidentally vote for herself to allow it to happen.
  • I wrote a couple of things I wasn't incredibly happy with. The idea of only having a half an hour to conceptualize, plot, and write a short story is truly a daunting task.
That sort of catches you up. I'll be trying to give proper updates form here on out (or at least from here on to the point where my luck finally runs out and I get eliminated). Best of luck, Team Sponsorship! Let's control the shit.

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  1. On the surface, it looks a little like last season (last six eliminations have self-voted; only one person currently in the game has received votes) but man oh man, ten Survivor Xs could not have been this unpredictable.