Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor IX: Scattergories

Greetings, readers. This week on Spookymilk Survivor, we played Scattergories. Spooky gave us each a letter (two for two members of Ugly Juanita, since we had fewer players left) and ten categories. The name of the game (which I erred on, as we’ll see in a bit) was to play Scattergories, taking each category and coming up with an answer which had as many words that start with the target letter as possible.

I took on two letters – ‘F’ and ‘H’.

Movie: Familiar Foods From Foreign Folk
Musician: Five For Fighting
Book: Freedom From Fear Forever
Actor: Frederic Fenimore Forrest
Sports Player: Frank Francis Frich (The Fordham Flash)
Beverage: Funeral For a Friend
Food: Fresh Fried Fish Fillet
Party Game: Fusion Frenzy
Fictional Character: Fin Fang Foom
Sentence: Funky’ Frank Fonda first fears flash fried fresh foods.

I was pretty pumped about the movie title, as well as the sports player. The food seemed a little generic, but four seemed like a good score for it. Fusion Frenzy was the only entry in either list where I wasn’t able to pull off at least three.

Movie: A Hen House Hero
Musician: Hot Hot Heat
Book: Holly the Happy Hairbrush
Actor: Harold ‘Happy’ Hairston
Sports Player: Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Beverage: Humble Hippie Holiday
Food: Ham Hock Hash
Party Game: Hungry Hungry Hippos (drinking game)
Fictional Character: Hannah Hariet Hayes
Sentence: Herb’s happy hyena howls; Horny Henry hears.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is kind of a cheat as a drinking game, since all you actually do is play Hungry Hungry Hippos and make the loser drink. I was a little burnt out after ‘F’, so I didn’t put nearly as much effort into ‘H’, and I’m pretty sure it shows.

Now for the reason that I’m a muttonhead: I thought every word in the answer had to start with the target letter – it did not. I had a “How He Hits His Home Runs” (a 1920’s documentary about Babe Ruth) for a movie, I had a ton of books that would’ve been a lot better (though nowhere near as good as Rachel’s book title – holy crap, that was brilliant). Also, when Spooky said that the sentence “had to make sense”, I didn’t think about the fact that I could just put as many 5-letter adjectives as I could think of and just string them along, that way. Well, I kind of did, but I could barely wrap my mind around Herb’s happy hyena howling while Horny Henry listened on (surely aroused in some sick way, that dirty bastard).

Ugly Juanita pretty well crushed Spy Tag this week (aided by a weird submitted nonsub, but that by itself wouldn’t have made much difference). We stay safe, and Spy Tag feels the sting of the blade.

Woot for UJ!


  1. It's getting tougher and tougher for me to wait for votes these days. I'm either getting less patient with age, or I'm just getting antsy to play one of these seasons.

  2. I thought every word in the answer had to start with the target letter

    I thought this would have made for a much better challenge. I was glad to see some people did it this way.

  3. That's how I intended the challenge until Beau stepped in and added his nonexistent rules for some reason, and by the time I got back from the resort it was too late to change things.