Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor IX: Punch to a Quick End

It feels like only a week or two since the last season of Spookymilk Survivor ended, but I was actually eliminated two months ago today, so I guess it's not so crazy that Season 9 started this week.

This week's challenge was "Punch to a Quick End", where the point is to make the shortest possible complete story to form around two movie quotes, which are provided. Last time, I fell right around the middle in both length and quality. I decided to go the short route this time...

We came, we saw, we kicked its ass. It was too bad about the orphanage, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

K: I don’t know exactly what happened here, but there’s enough to make it a story. It doesn’t take much, folks. (3)

I had been debating making the story even shorter, but decided that I'd probably have a good chance at being one of the shorter ones. Ha, I needn't have worried, as mine was one-third the length of the next shortest. It seems that no one caught the "shorter is better" vibe. My entry from last season (one that was right around the middle in terms of length) would have been the fourth shortest this time around. I'm not sure what to make of that.

My team, 'Ugly Juanita' showed an unsettling trend, as three of the four nonsubs fly under UJ colors. Not only that, but the only nonsub that didn't come from UJ did so by accident, thinking that the deadline was later than it actually was. Hopefully that turns around pretty quickly, or we're going to be kind of screwed straight out the gate.

I see that Spooky just asked if I was going to be blogging this again this season. The answer is 'yes'. I've got a blog, and with the video game lists and whatnot, it finally feels like it's getting used a bit. Hopefully I'll follow this one up with another fifteen just like it.

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  1. I was simply blown away by the lengths of these. Did people not read the rules? What's weird is that I can see what people are viewing at my site, and people were all over last year's results, so you'd think they knew how long was reasonable. Then again, maybe they all read the character count last year as some sort of word count.

    So, interesting opening. If this is the level of strategy being employed in this game, the game might be fun to watch in an...unconventional way.

    Shame about the nonsubs, man. All four are potentially excellent players, too.