Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Tis the Season...

The elevator at the hospital seems to be getting into the Halloween spirit.

* When you attempt to call the elevator, it will occasionally simply not open, even though you can see it sitting (doing nothing) on your floor.

* Sometimes it simply won't open its doors... this goes on for 4-5 minutes sometimes. It'll be at a floor - any floor - with its doors shut, just waiting.

* Occasionally, it will send you in the opposite direction you requested, change its mind without opening the doors, and then send you where you wanted to go in the first place.

* Creepiest of all, on rare occasions, it will simply open its doors as you begin to walk up to it, even though no one (including you) had called it.

This morning, I got on the elevator and tried to go down one floor. The elevator decided that instead of doing that, it was going to send me to the top floor, not open its doors for five minutes, then send me to the floor I had actually requested. I was about to call engineering (or, failing that, a priest) to see what I had to do to appease the infernal beast and make it let me out. I didn't even care which floor.


Maybe I'll take the stairs from now on.


  1. Last week I was at the hospital waiting for the elevator. The door opened and there was this Priest all dressed in black except for his white collar and huge silver crucifix. When the door opened he looked at me and said in a very low voice "going down?"

    Even though I was, I said no and waited for the next elevator.

  2. That truly is an awesome story, Free.