Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BrainDump 10/13/2009

* Here in Alexandria, we were treated to a snowstorm on Friday. I like winter a lot more than most folks do, but it's fall right now. Besides, I need to get the deck stained and the patio pavers laid. The fact that the snow started getting heavy right as Joe Nathan was serving up A-Rod's back-breaking home run could only be a foul coincidence, right?

So yeah, I'm thinking I probably should have done those two things sometime this summer, instead of all that sweet golfing action I was enjoying.

* Single-season wins record holder and all around dapper fellow Old Hoss Radbourn has a twitter account. It's good to see that he's not letting his 1897 death get in the way of being hilarious and insightful in an old-fashioned way.

Highlight: This #Posada feller is awful. If my battery mate made so many errors, I'd be forced to challenge him to a duel.

* I've been listening to a lot of the song 'Surf Solar' by Fuck Buttons of late. It's over ten minutes of droney goodness with an almost robotic sounding digitally altered female voice. If that made it sound boring or strange, trust me, it's not. Ten minutes almost doesn't seem long enough. Check out the drastically shortened clipped version (which weighs in at a pansy 3 minutes 41 seconds) - where else - at imeem.

Note: I link to imeem because you can find most everything there. For a lot of the songs, you need to sign up for a free account. Do it. It's worth it.

* Finally, I will literally never get sick of watching the Ibanez Fielding GIFs. Never. I've been staring at the screen laughing for the last ten minutes, and I've already seen these no fewer than 20 times.

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  1. re: the Ibanez GIFs, I don't know which one I love more. Hi kamedy, man.