Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First to Eleven Wins


Ladies and Gentlemen, your Minnesota Twins...

It all makes a lot more sense in retrospect. I mean, we have one of the best closers in the game (who at one point had a streak of 20+ games pitched without a single run given up) - of course it all came down to a situation where our mop up guy had to get out of a bases loaded, one out jam.

We had five guys who had OPS+ numbers above 120 (which is quite good), so of course in the critical inning, it all came down to Carlos Gomez getting a hit, Delmon Young getting a walk, and Alexi Casilla (who was sporting a tasty .259 SLUGGING percentage) driving in the winning run. It's the Twins... you just kind of go with it. So when Brian Duensing makes his 10th major league start later today against C.C. Sabathia, it doesn't concern me (okay... maybe a little), it's just part of the show.

Going into the season, I thought the Twins were about a .500 team. Up until September, it looked like a was right. The way I figure it, last night was one of the most exciting games I've ever watched (post-1991, of course). I gave up on the idea of my team making the playoffs no fewer than three times, so now that they've made it, the whole thing feels like free baseball. The fact that we were 0-7 against the Yankees during the regular season doesn't bother me, in fact, I'm anxious for us to have another crack at them.

Realistically, the Twins will probably lose the series - probably in four games or under. That would be disappointing, of course, but this season has already given Twins fans a lot more than we could have ever expected. Baseball is kind of awesome that way.

That being said, I hope the Twins sweep the Yankees, and since the playoffs are a complete crap shoot, why can't they?

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