Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ouch.... ouch ouch ouch

Note the position of the umpire as he calls the clearly fair ball foul.

Great game by Blackburn. Too bad that it all has to wind down in the shittiest way possible.

On a sidenote, I overheard Ron Darling saying after the team's MVP Justin Morneau went down with an injury, it was guys like Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel... and Delmon Young that pulled the Twins into contention.

Joe Mauer, meanwhile, selfishly hit .354/.471/.487 - to be clear, that means he was getting on base almost as often as he was getting out over the critical playoff drive. What Cuddy did was great, but he and Kubel aren't getting RBIs if Mauer isn't setting the table for them. To act as if the soon-to-be AL MVP had less to do with the Twins eventual division title than DELMON YOUNG, is cockflickery, my friends.

Also, in what universe do people still think the MVP of the 2009 Twins is Justin Morneau??

What a complete disappointment... let's pick up at least one from this very beatable team, shall we, gentlemen??


  1. Like I said earlier... Ron Darling... a bonehead. Just mute the tv...

  2. though, I take that back. He's still a bonehead, but in his defense...

    In the context of players who came through when they needed to, Cuddy, Kubel and whatnot did their jobs. Mauer was awesomely consistent the entire year. Everyone else just finally caught up to him in the end. So it's not a totally incorrect statement.

    I can see your anger at the Young comparison. Lol.