Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wait... What?

While unpacking boxes in my office, I found a list I must have made in 3rd grade. It reads...

Paul Revere ("british are coming" guy)
George Washington (first president)
Babe Ruth (home-run hitter from back in the day)
Jimmy Stewart (great actor)
Abraham Lincoln (beard-faced president, fond of top hats)
Lou Gehrig (Hall of Fame baseball player, has crippling disease named after him)
Randy Stonehill (one of the so-called "fathers of contemporary Christian music.")

Whomever can explain what the common between those people is, I'm all ears. I mean... Randy Stonehill?

Note: I've put up the MP3 links on my 'Top 20 Albums of 2007' post. Go there, and see (and hear)what music I enjoyed this past year.

1 comment:

  1. Randy Stonehill! We had a cassette of his from like... oh gosh. 94? Listened to it allllllll the time when I was a kid.