Thursday, January 24, 2008

Incoming: Children 18:3

"Songs of Desperation" was one of the hidden gems of 2006. The EP changed my perception of Children 18:3 completely. The fact that they are going to take the 3 best songs from that release, clean them up a bit, and put them on their major(ish) label debut excites me.

'Clean up' is, of course, a relative term in this case, as the tracks still have a rawness to them that's not often allowed to be seen in music these days. LCM still has Lee Marie's banshee screams. David still sounds nothing like a pop singer. From the little I've heard, their sound has just been allowed the chance to be refined a touch. Nothing wrong with that (though the strings in 'LCM' are a bit odd... what business do they have in that song?). I'm pumped for the debut; February 26th is coming.

Check out Children 18:3's MySpace, and listen to the 2 new songs (LCM & You Know We're All So Fond of Dying)

Side note: Oasis songs for download on Rock Band!! Good times!

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