Monday, January 7, 2013

Kickass Movie List #97: Seven

Today, we have Seven, the cheerful story of a dude who murders people to prove a point. Basically, it's the movie Saw was trying to be, before Saw decided Hostel was cooler.

How about we just skip to the endgame, hmm?

Concerning the box, and what might be inside of it...

Well, what exactly did you expect when John Doe (Kevin Spacey) showed up in the Police Station, covered in blood? He had two more sins to cover, after all.

Sure, it was fun listening to Brad Pitt give his little "do you realize you're insane" speech, but the instant the killer shows up, the whole game turns from a static affair to a deeply personal one. You know that all three of these people probably stand to lose something from whatever denouement Doe has in mind.

Yup. John Doe has the upper hand, indeed.

The entire final scene plays out perfectly - of course, by "perfectly", I mean gut churning. The finale had me staring at the credits straight on through in shock. That's usually the sign of a good ending.

Let's see just what's in that box...


  1. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to seeing Se7en, the ending had already been ruined for me by multiple internet parodies.

    Still, deserving of a spot.

  2. You have my pity. Damn all the journey wreckers.

  3. I went to this! Fincher is probably my favorite American director working today, though I don't necessarily love this and I'm not sure when I'll ever watch it again. He does seem fond of the wild ending, and they don't really lend well to repeated viewings, even if they're good throughout.

  4. This is [one of] the first movies my now-wife and I saw together alone in a theatre (not with a group). Midday in Willmar (halfway between our hometowns). 11am show or something like that. Nothing better for teenagers in young love than that "Lust" crimescene, eh?

  5. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey. What more can you ask for? I decided from this movie alone, that these were 3 of my all time favorite actors.