Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 50 Video Game Moments: Number 20

We begin our top 20 with a doozy. It's from Red Dead Redemption, and contains end of game spoilers. If you haven't beaten Red Dead Redemption yet, don't view this. Instead, go play the game already. I think I told you this before, why are you waiting?

It all seemed to good to be true. John Marston assisted the government in killing his old gang leader/father figure Dutch, and was allowed to go home to his beloved family.

Most games would end there. You knew this one wasn't going to, though. You played the final few missions back on the Marston farm with a sense of dread. Why isn't he riding into the sunset? You knew why.

I knew what was coming the instant I saw the name of the final mission "The last enemy that shall be destroyed" - besides being biblical in nature, it gave a sense of finality. This was going to end badly.

And so it did.

Walking through that barn door, you knew it was over. These men were here to clean up....and so they did.

Only the game didn't end there either.

The game skipped forward three years. You took control of the son, Jack Marston to pick up where his father left off. On the map, a new mission popped up - "Remember My Family".

As Jack, you made your way to Mexico where the government official who had betrayed and murdered John Marston was on a hunting trip. Eventually, you found him by the river, after a short but heated exchange you dueled the man. He had no hope of beating you. His body fell into the river....

John Marston had tried so hard to keep his son from living the life of an outlaw. Now his failure was complete. Now the credits could roll.

...and roll, they did

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