Sunday, July 6, 2008

While You're Into Some Reading

Dayn Perry (of Fox Sports) makes an interesting point on his personal blog: why hasn't the outrage been leveled at football players who have done PEDs (performance enhancing drugs)?

Barry Bonds has been vilified to no end for his (still alleged) steroid use, but when the quarterback of one of the most revered football dynasties of all time acknowledges that he was 'roiding during the very stretch that made him legendary... what exactly happens? Near as I can tell, it's been explained away, covered up, and largely ignored. If you had slipped into a coma for a week, I'm not sure you'd ever know once you woke up. Shawne Merriman has been using, and he gets to keep his job.

It's all very bizzare to me.

Note: I've been a fan of Dayn's writing from Fox Sports (even if he did rain on Twins Fans' parade a bit on the whole Justin Morneau MVP thing, which I still don't necessarily agree with him about). He seems to be one of the few sportswriters in any major capacity who understands that wins, RBIs, and batting average aren't the dead on indicators of baseball awesome that everyone seems to think they are. His blog is a lot less stat-heavy, and delves more into the ways Sports and Politics merge (thus the name, I would assume...). It's very recommended reading.

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