Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Music Video: Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes

I find that with YouTube and the vast majority of music videos that have been created at my fingertips, I find myself watching Broken Social Scene's "Almost Crimes" music video a ridiculous number of times.

The song (off their fantastic 2002 release You Forgot It In People) is one of the more straight-forward rock songs that the band has created, and has a fantastic interplay between singers Kevin Drew and Leslie Feist (more recently, of '1234' fame). The video keys in on this, with nothing but silhouettes rocking out for the duration of the video.

Most BSS videos are great to watch (and all of Feist's videos are marves of timing and choreography), but this one just rocks out and is so insanely fun to watch that it merits special note.


  1. at least to the unknowing ear, a Zephyr sounds cool. Or powerful, at least. To just use "wind" is really...



  2. nice if it was feist instead of emily haines, but hey close enough.