Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones

...was about what I thought it was going to be. I really liked the old movies (really, who didn't?), and had baseless hopes that 'Crystal Skull' was going to be ableto stand its ground against nostalgia.

It just can't... the movie keeps trying to capture the old style feel - the whole movie has a different sort of lighting and style to try to make you feel like you're watching a 21st century version of an old 50's serial, which I suppse is exactly what you are doing. It just never seems to work right. From the refrigerator scene to the horrifying Tarzan scene, it never has any of the life that the original 3 had. That's not really a dig on the movie itself. After all, it would have been next to impossible to jumpstart the decades old series without losing at least a little momentum. It just never takes off, taking two hours not really building any sort of drama or adventure, and suddenly - it's over.

It's not all bad, Shia LeBeouf doesn't suck, and Harrison Ford still pulls out a few badass moves that make you wish he wasn't just shy of senile. Overall though, the movie didn't even really up to my moderately low hopes. I'll just stick with the original 3, thank you.


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  1. Yeah, I saw that. Delmon is pretty special. Lol.

    So, I was playing 07 and who leads off but Jason Tyner. And guess what he did? I'll give you one guess. I laughed until I cried.

    The real deal about Volquez is that every day, he's smiling, he's laughing, he's enjoying himself. He's really living the baseball life, and it shows when he goes out there and knocks em down. I think he had 12 k's in his last start... phenomenal stuff. Your Twins are starting to scare me a little.. lol. Fun to watch, our teams are.