Monday, November 14, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor X: What Was That You Asked?

Vogons be killin' it.

The old standby where you're given a response, and asked to sculpt a question around it. We got 20 of the 38 possible points. Well done, team.

These were my contributions.

It’s no surprise they melted, then.

-Man, I sure goofed on the kids’ birthday present – instead of the Playskool Noah’s Ark, I got them the Ark of the Covenant.

I wasn't actually sure how this one would go over. I knew I wanted an Ark of the Covenant joke, but didn't know how to phrase it. This is the first draft. I'm glad I didn't work it down any more. Both judges picked it.

You could get the same result by banging a bunch of pots and pans together.

-My third grader’s band is going to be in the school’s talent show, do you want to watch?

I like this one better than the obvious Nickeback joke. They are to music what Two and a Half Men is to television. Not very good, either way. I would've picked the 2004 election one over both of them.

That’s an unlikely use of your theater degree.

-It’s time to make some money, bitches!

My last minute contribution. Picked by both.

I wanted to go because they have the hottest chicks.

-Why did you vacation at Death Valley Hatcheries?

Weirdly, everyone went with the "warm baby chickens" route. Mine got picked by both judges.

A couple extra notes.

* We're lucky that we didn't go with mine for the "going so well until he slipped" one, because both other teams went the circumcision route.

* I still like my question for "A slide rule, an apple and a piece of the Blarneystone", which was, of course, "I give up, what would an Irish Isaac Newton carry on him at all times?"


  1. I liked your Isaac Newton one as well, but when I saw a chance to jump ship and pick my contribution, I did the sensible thing.

  2. I read your team's rejected questions, and that Isaac Newton one stood out. I wanted to see if anyone could possibly bring those things together, and that suggestion did a good job of attempting it.

    I know Nickelback is fish in a barrel, but I still preferred the wording enough to pick it. The election joke, to me, felt even more obvious, though I liked the phrasing there too.