Monday, May 16, 2011

Spookymilk Survivor: THE END.

Elimination Fifteen

May 16, 2011 in Elimination, Survivor VIII | by spookymilk

Hold on to your ballsacks (Shawn, you’ll have to hold on to someone else’s). We’ve got a legitimately close and interesting vote for the first time in…a season, maybe? If I’m wrong, point it out and laugh at my oversight.

Vote One: Peter Bruzek. “I think he’s related to Beau”

Vote Two: Peter Bruzek. “Alas, there’s no way to avoid voting for entertaining writers”

Vote Three: Brooks Maki. “Sorry pal, but this is all about eliminating the strongest player.”

Vote Four: Brooks Maki. “In “real” internet life, he’s a great guy, but he’s just too big of a threat in the context of this game. It is again time to slay the dragon.”

Vote Five: Brooks Maki. “I wish I had the talent to make myself as big a target as Brooks has been every season he’s played. Small consolation, I’m sure.”

Vote Six: Peter Bruzek.

Vote Seven: Peter Bruzek. “Now is the part of the game where we vote out the person who got the farthest in the previous season.”

Fifteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor VIII: Peter Bruzek

Um, no pressure, Brooks!

After a third-place showing last season, Pete falls alllllll the way to seventh. My point is, he’s good. Last time he made the finals despite being grossly outnumbered as far as teams go, but alas, this time the same situation has ended him. So, this marks the first time he’s ever been voted out. Not too shabby.

Pete also generally crushes it as far as interesting concepts go. I hate to see him go, but I love to watch him leave, if ya know what I mean.

But enough homoerotica. The remaining six of you will get your next challenge somewhat shortly, since y’all were cool enough to do this a full day before I ask you to.

Obviously, it’s a little disappointing. I felt like in pure writing terms, I was doing a lot better (recent cold streak notwithstanding) than I did last ‘season’, when I picked up third place. Ah well, it’s been a blast.

  • To Spooky and Beau, thanks again for putting on a great game.
  • To the members of DSK, thanks for not voting me out (Tom excepted).
  • To Tom, we coo’, represent DSK and kick ass.
  • To everyone else, I hates you thanks for making this whole thing entertaining as hell. From the high-quality writing to the comment sections in each post, this has been a blast. Spooky and Beau are spoiled with the kind of talent that gets tossed out there on a weekly basis.

Best believe I’ll be back…


  1. This has made four very exciting seasons in a row. I'm excited that you plan on coming back, man.

  2. Whether I come back or not, I too, am excited that you will. I really enjoyed reading your stuff (and have, obviously, taken to checking out your blog; spookymilk redundancy be damned!).

    By the way, I loved your Lunch Not Launch story. Easily one of my favs. And I definitely got Portal, and I've never even played it. And, of course, Tapioca was brilliant.

  3. He well might. I feel like nibs will be a late-game fixture for as long as he wants to be. A quick check of my too-comprehensive Survivor spreadsheet suggests he's one of the top five or ten players not to win.

  4. I'm glad to read that we're cool. At that point in the game DSK was the Titanic and my alliance was a dry life boat. I guess that makes me a woman or child who got a dry seat instead of you, a manly, though lower-class, man.