Friday, May 29, 2009

Ten Random: 05/29/2009

Sadly, time constraints dictate that you'll only get the ten random songs. Also, because I only have my iPod with me, not my full music library on my home PC, this will be from a smaller sample size (3000+ instead of 11000+)

1. My Chemical Romance - The End (Welcome to the Black Parade)
2. Have a Nice Life - Who Would Leave Their Son Out in the Sun (Deathconsciousness)
3. Fort Minor - Remember the Name (The Rising Tied)
4. Jimmy Eat World - Just Tonight (Futures)
5. The Go! Team - Panther Dash (Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
6. P.O.S. - Graves (We Wrote the Book) (Never Better)
7. The Alarmists - Hired Gun (The Ghost and the Hired Gun)
8. Flight of the Conchords - Ladies of the World (Flight of the Conchords)
9. Lil' Wayne - Dr. Carter (Tha Carter III)
10. P.O.S. - I Play the Matador (redo) (Ipecac Neat)

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