Friday, May 22, 2009

Ten Random: 05/22/2009

You know the drill - ten songs, links to listen. Let's rock this out...

1. The Who - I Don't Even Know Myself (Who's Next - Remastered 1995 Version)
To be completely honest, I've don't usually get this far into Who's Next. I usually hit up the original 9 tracks and move on. This is a pretty good song, though. What can a person honestly say about The Who that hasn't been said six billion times?

2. Phil Joel - El Salvador (The Saviour) (Watching Over You)
I never really got into this CD. In fact, truth be told, I couldn't tell you if I've ever listened to it all the way through. This is only track three, but I don't remember it at all. It's actually halfway decent for easy listening Christian music, with Phil's trademark accent working to nice effect. Maybe I should give the source CD another shot? Mmm... after a couple of other tracks, I'm thinking I was probably right the first time - this one's still halfway decent, though.

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Stadium Arcadium)
The thing about Stadium Arcadium is that it's practically impossible for me to listen to both discs all the way through. It works a lot better to create one disc full of the best songs from both discs. This particular song would be on such a disc.

4. Relient K - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything)
This song is kind of dumb. It's a punk-pop remake of a Veggie Tales song, so that should really tell you all you need to know about it. I actually sort of enjoy both Relient K and older-school Veggie Tales, but this song..... eh.

5. DJ Amuro - AA (Dance Dance Revolution: Somethingoranother)
This song is off one of the Dance Dance Revolution soundtracks (the particular game's name eludes me at the moment, and I'm feeling lazy about looking this useless fact up). The style is knd of a cool mashup of classical string & piano alongside a fast-paced electronica backbeat. I don't mind this song, but the previous song to this one (Simply called 'A') is much better.

6. Bleach - Sun Stands Still (Bleach)
It's truly shocking how many of the songs this whole random thing is coming up with are songs that I have no recollection of. I suppose that with a sample size of well over 10,000 it was bound to happen, but it's still weird. I bought this CD at a pawn shop for $1 - strictly for the song "Once Again Here We Are". This song is - again - actually pretty good.

7. Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard - Blood on My Hands (The Dark Knight)
A nice cut off of the Dark Knight soundtrack. It's not terrifying like "Why So Serious?" or supermega epic like "A Dark Knight", and it's fairly easy to overlook in the context of the rest of the soundtrack, but it's nice, anyway.

8. The All-American Rejects - One More Sad Song (The All-American Rejects)
Linds is a big fan, I'm not so much, but they're actually not bad in concert. This is one of the better songs off of their first CD - not that that's saying much.

9. Lifehouse - We'll Never Know (Lifehouse)
Lifehouse is pleasant enough, but the obvious problem is that if you've heard one Lifehouse album, you've heard their discography. They come in two flavors: soft aching ballad & fairly generic pop-rock song. There's nothing that bad about them, but it's all pretty much the same. This song falls into the second category... which basically means that even if you haven't heard it, you've heard it.

10. Beck - Lazy Flies (Mutations)
The same friend that scored me the complete works of Faith No More did the same with Beck. I honestly haven't dug into Mutations very much, but I hear it's pretty good. This song is decent, but not the type of song that grabs your attention first time through.

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  1. that Bleach CD contains one of my all time favorite songs, Heartbeat. Otherwise, I really don't care for Bleach.

    LOL @ Phil Joel