Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome Back... Sort Of... is back!

Kind of...

You may remember my despairing diatribe against Fandango's buyout of from a few months back. My sentiments were seemingly (if the comment section is accurate) shared by several of you, and we all sat and pouted together about how our favorite movie site had gone belly up.

While the clutter and overeagerness to sell tickets still permeates the entire place, some of the things I enjoyed about the original site have returned.

First and foremost, Dave White's reviews are back. I like his reviews, as he generally skips all the jargon talk and gives you his sarcastic/cynical take on whether he thinks it's any good or not. The guy likes movies, so he tells you about them. What's not to like?

The buzz bin is back, too - every blessed cornball inch of it. Mike Standish is still making terrible jokes, and I'm still enjoying it.

The Fandango run portions of the site (read: pretty much anything not under the "buzz" tab) still suck. It's still cluttered, it's still pushy - but at least it's no longer 100% awful.

You taken small steps towards being something other than a weeping pile of suck, Fandango. Only about 152 more and we can consider this whole thing just a big misunderstanding.

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