Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scott Baker = Ace

I've noticed that my blog shows up near the top of the list for the google search 'scott baker ace'. Ironically, the post which triggers this high ranking is a questioning of his ability to be the ace of the staff.

There should no longer be any question about that. Consider his stats (with where he ranks in the AL in parentheses):

ERA: 3.45 (8th)
Winning %: .733 (4th, he was 11-4, and keep in mind that he could have easily won a few more games, considering he was on the tough end of three 1-0 games)
WHIP: 1.178 (5th)
Strikeouts to Walks: 3.36 (7th)

He also gave up just a .247 AVG, and strikes outs 7.4 per 9 innings - which puts him just outside top 10. I really look forward to watching him pitch a full season next year as the undisputed ace of the Twins' starting rotation. Sorry for doubting you, Light Rail.

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  1. Yeah uhm, I never saw that ball land, actually. It might still be in the air. Poor Blackburn. I said right as I saw it "This is why Thome belongs in every HR Derby". No doubter. The guy on tv was calling it like the CF might be able to make a play... goodness.

    Baker and Volquez - the future of our teams.

    GO RAYS!!!