Friday, August 1, 2008

Goodbye Livan, Hello Liriano!

According to, the Twins have recalled Francisco Liriano, and designated Livan Hernandez and Craig Monroe for assignment.

Suffice to say this is good news, I'll write on this more in depth later tonight, but for now, let me breathe a sigh of relief.

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  1. Let it be said that this is the first time that a 10-8 #1 starter has been DFA'd. It simply has to be.

    Hey, you know what? We'll take Livan. Our 'pen is being worked to death by our current lot of #4-#5 starters. Even if he did get bashed around a little, I'd rather have a confident older arm that could last 7 innings every start versus a shaky rookie (or otherwise) going 5 innings and throwing 100+ pitches. If ya'll are paying, we're buying! LOL.

    I laughed when I heard about Monroe though. I'm suprised you guys didn't trade him to us for... oh... Corey Patterson? Speaking of KP, read there. LOl.