Monday, March 24, 2008

You Suck, Universal Records...

I purchased the new Be Your Own Pet CD on Saturday. It's pretty decent, what with the bratty female-fronted noise punk, but I already knew that... I'd downloaded a relatively low-quality leak a few weeks ago, so I had a pretty good idea what I was getting into.

Not quite enough of an idea, it seems...

It seems that 3 of the songs on Get Awkward are 'too violent'. This would usually bother me, anyway, but when one of those tunes happens to be my favorite off of the CD. Well, dammit... you've gone ahead and pissed me right off, you corporate cockflickers. Here's the lyrics to 'Becky':

Doesn't matter anyway, 'cause I've got a brand new friend, OK
Me and her, we'll kick your ass
We'll wait with knives after class!

With bands like Bloodhound Gang, Lil Wayne, and Lindsay Lohan under employment in one form or another by Universal, I'm a bit confused as to why things need to be pared off the album seemingly for no good reason while Bloodhound Gang gets to keep their mind-bogglingly dumb (and giddily profane) music untouched and complete. I mean, what... songs about teenage revenge murders aren't kosher?

So yay, now I get to own a dumbed down, murder-free version of Get Awkward. Hooray for double standards, corporate shenanigans and all-around general idiocy!

Note to Universal Music Group: I'm no dancer, but on that sweet day when no one's buying your products anymore, and the entire music industry moves and leaves you and your old ways in the dust, I think I might cut a jig on your grave.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaa... you said cockflickers... LOLOL I love it.

  2. oh, and dude, if you're gonna be lazy about it, Ebay the unedited version. XL Records or whatever, just look it up. Ebay is good for odd things like that.

  3. That's great! Cut a jig on their grave! LOL! That was a totally lame move on Universal's part.