Monday, March 31, 2008

The Long Winter is Over...

Tonight, I'll be curling up on the couch, grabbing a beer, and greatly enjoying the return of Minnesota Twins baseball. Spring training has been going on for a while, of course, but this is the day that really marks baseball's return.

Livan Hernandez is starting, which irks me to no end, and I see that Craig Monroe is being given the start over Jason Kubel which is - to say the least - ridiculous, especially considering the starter is a righty.... but all those things are meaningless, the Twins are back!!


  1. Watching the highlights on ESPN, your team looked a lot better than mine. Harang had a nice outing, save the two jacks. he had 3 k's in the first 2 innings and was blowing guys away. The nice thing about him is that even after back-to-back homers, he can still pitch several more good innings for you. Good mental attributes.

    the offense is more of a concern. I mean, being 3-hit by Brandon Webb is no crime, but... still. This team cranked up a team record for strikeouts the past couple years (and that's saying something for a team who has been around for 120+ years) and that's a statistic that needs to change.

    I realized as I watched the opening day ceremonies that the reason I was so adament about not switching to nights before was because nights is when I watched my baseball. This might be the first year since I was 4 or 5 that I won't be able to watch/listen to a good 75% of the games (more in my youth). But alas, I will keep up.

    As for me... ehhhhhhh. I keep avoiding calling the oral surgeon cuz I'm scared about money right now. 8 teeth means a period of time off followed by the necessity for MORE money to pay off that extra debt. Blah!

  2. my friend, today Dontrelle Willis pitched a 1 hitter. The stat to notice? 7 BB's, no K's. WTF? Lol

    ps, volquez - 5.1, 7 k's 1 er. yeeeah baby. we fo real.