Saturday, September 1, 2007

Almost Perfect

Yesterday night, after a pitiful first game of the scheduled doubleheader, Scott Baker went out and sat the first 24 batters he faced down without a single one getting on base. Then came a walk, then a hit, but still... one of the best games pitched in baseball this year. Scott was classy in his interview after the game, too.

My viewpoint on Baker had already changed quite a bit from when he was first brought back into the rotation (for the last time, we all assumed at the time, having had a couple of less-than-stellar trips up in previous years). He's pitching with a lot more confidence now, and it's starting to show.

I still have no idea how he gets away with some of his pitches. He's constantly pitching around the plate, which would seem to be sure death for a pitcher with is velocity, but he consistantly gets guys out, strikes out fair numbers, and has probably been our 2nd best pitcher since he caught fire.

This might be a lost season, but that was an awesome game.

Michigan 32, Applachian State 34

I'd be remiss to not mention one of the biggest sports upsets of any kind in recent memory. A top 25 team losing to a Divison I-AA?? I don't even follow College Football that much, but that kind of stuff makes you take notice.

Maybe not getting invited to last year's BCS Championship wasn't quite as much of a 'snub' as their fans thought. (Being even a casual Gophers fan, I have to enjoy this...)

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