Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top 20 NES Super Mario Moments: Number 10

Number 10: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

The first time I played Super Mario Brothers 3, I was at my cousin's house. He sat beside me and watched as I marveled at things like an actual intro screen and a world map. I was hooked, and I hadn't even actually played the damned thing yet.

Soon enough, I was playing, and loving it. I got the mushroom soon enough, then managed to unlock another, different powerup - one I hadn't seen before.

I am a leaf on the wind...
I picked it up, and... gained raccoon ears and a tail. I knew nothing about the manual, and hadn't seen any gameplay to this point (missed out on The Wizard), so I had no earthly idea what being turned into a raccoon could possibly mean.

"Ooh!" my cousin said, barely able to contain his enthusiasm, "get running really fast and then jump."

Mario would never be the same.

Watch how I soar...

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