Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year in Music, 2013: My Favorite Album Covers

These aren't in any order, because how do you do something as base and tasteless as ranking art?

oh... right... well, these still aren't ranked.
Deniro Farrar - The Patriarch
Foals - Holy Fire

Daft Punk - Get Lucky - album cover
Daft Punk - Get Lucky
Jessy Lanza - Pull My Hair Back - album cover
Jessy Lanza - Pull My Hair Back
Capital Cities - In a Tidal Wave of Mystery - album cover
Capital Cities - In a Tidal Wave of Mystery (kind of a cat in a space suit!)

Phosphorescent - Muchacho
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Janelle Monae - The Electric Lady
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Disclosure - Settle
DJ Koze - Amygdala (thanks to AMR for this one - it's mesmerizing)

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City


  1. That Deniro Farrar is a bad-ass cover. Janelle Monae's throwback cover was pretty tight too.

  2. The DJ Koze album was pretty good. Nothing fantastic though.
    I think you give Disclosure, Vampy Weeks, and Daft Punk too much credit.