Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 50 Video Game Moments: Number 6

Great moment in Gaming Moment #7 comes to use from Mass Effect. It comes from the end of one of the best current-gen games (one of the best games of any generation, really), so you really ought to hunt it down. I've said that about all of the moments on this list (they wouldn't really be my favorite gaming moments if I didn't think the games themselves were worth a look), but seriously. If you haven't played the Mass Effect series - DO IT. Don't listen to the bitching about the final game's ending (yes. the ending as it stands is severe weaksauce. The 100+ hours leading up to it are not.)

So, shit has, as they might say, gotten real. The hub of galactic civilization is, in fact, the universe's biggest mousetrap, and its enigmatic caretakers are actually servants of a unstoppable race of sentient robots which plan to eradicate all life in the galaxy.

So there's that. You're not going to let insurmountable odds and impenetrable fortresses stop you and your two squadmates, though, are you?

Of course not.
What you're going to do is fight through wave after wave of the strongest enemies in the game as some of the most epic music in video game history plays in the background. You're going to break into the council chamber just as the bad guy is preparing to allow the Reapers to enter the galaxy. You're going to convince him that he's been lied to by his freaky huge ship (long story), enabling him to break free from its control long enough to put a bullet in his own head (that's not the only option, but it's the option I chose, and damned if it isn't satifying). Once Sovereign remakes him into a hellish avatar of death, you're going to kick that avatar's ass - and by extension, you'll kick the reaper's ass, too.

In short, you're going to end a game the way it's fuckin' MEANT to be ended.

HELL yeah.

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