Monday, February 6, 2012

Top 50 Video Games: Number 17

Platform: Playstation 2
Absurdly Specific Genre: Being the best 3D platformer/shooter ever - that's not really a genre, is it.
Difficulty: 5-ish, I think?
Beaten: Yes.

I'll level with you. I know the following things about this game/series:

  • * It's my favorite 3D Platformer/Shooter
  • * It's a better series than Jak and Daxter
  • * This is the best game in the series of the ones that I've played (the first three).
  • * I absolutely loved this game when I played it.
Unfortunately, it falls in the same mental hole that Jak 2 does. I remember particular parts of the game (the ending, the vid comics, and some of the basic gameplay), but the gameplay by and large escapes me.

Worse still, I can't just pull it off the shelf and play it, because I lent all three games out to a friend of mine, who never returned them (I found out later that he forgot that they were mine and sold them at a yard sale).

I certainly plan on purchasing all three games again. I loved these games. The excellent mix of self-aware humor and kickassery; the RYNO (one of my very favorite weapons); the little segments where you had to play as Clank... everything about this series was spot on.

Ah, I should go play them all front to back right now......

...oh, wait.


  1. Wait a minute. Your friend sold them, and you have to replace them?

  2. In fairness, he was really sorry afterward, and we ended up racking up a huge bar tab a short while later, which he graciously paid for.

    I'd still like to play the damn Ratchet and Clank games, though.

  3. I think I made this my #1. It's still my favorite in the entire series, though even the worst game in the series (All 4 One, probably) isn't bad.

    I haven't played this one in quite some time. I'd replay it, but my backlog is ridiculous.