Thursday, September 15, 2011

Real Life Can Be So Annoying Sometimes

Between work, golfing (poorly), salsa making (pretty damn well, thank you), and a host of other nonsense, I've been left with precious few minutes to formulate thoughts on video games.

To hell with that noise.

Tonight, you get the next entry in the video game list (number 33 - Big Rigs Over the Road Racing!, and starting tomorrow, it goes down on the 'once a week' schedule. BANK ON IT (actually don't, because I'm notoriously flaky when it comes to these, but I'm serious, I really do hope to keep up with this now).


  1. I just assumed you committed suicide after your Survivor elimination.

  2. You survived not surviving on Survivor! Winner!

  3. Three times now! He's becoming an expert at not winning. Aw, snap!

  4. Looks we couldn't even BANK ON the first post. You know, this kind of lying goes far in Survivor.

  5. I'm notoriously unreliable when it comes to these things. It'll be up tonight, with the other two appearing tomorrow. Linds is in "project mode", which precludes all other things.

    Plus, I've actually been going to bed before one am, so there's that.