Sunday, January 18, 2009

Music You've Never Heard: Anam Kara

When CNET bought and deleted all of its songs back in late 2003, it made a lot of music, for lack of a better term, 'extinct'. Many artists had only uploaded their music to before breaking up, and when CNET removed all of the old content on the site in preparation for their relaunch, it removed the only proof that many of these bands ever existed, leaving the music lost forever.

A good example of this is the pop-rock band Anam Kara. A precursory search for "Anam Kara" reveals that there is indeed a band that shares the name, but it's a Celtic Rock group, not the same band. The pop-rock Anam Kara released 2 songs to, posted nearly no info about themselves, and broke up (hard to tell when, exactly), leaving behind next to no evidence, save a review for one of their tracks on the now defunct (itself a valuable site that seems to have disappeared with only to carry its torch).

Of their two tracks, "Soul Disguise" is the most immediate, seeming like an attempt to cash in on rap-rock's quickly dwindling popularity. The twist is, the verses are sung, whereas the chorus is rapped. "Remember", on the other hand, has (so far as I can tell) never been mentioned anywhere. It's a more straight-forward pop-rock song, and while the words are a little tough to make out at times, it packs some emotional punch.

Neither track is mind-blowing, they both sound pretty rough and are in need of a couple of retakes that will obviously never happen; but they have managed to give me a reason to keep coming back to them years after the rest of the internet forgot they existed.

Anam Kara - Soul Disguise
Anam Kara - Remember

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