Sunday, December 21, 2008


Obviously the Falcons and Vikings have played each other since this game (in fact, we destroyed them 24-3 just last year), but for whatever reason, tomorrow's game has the added playoff implications that could add just a little bit of payback if the Vikings were able to pull it out.

Much has been made recently of the Vikings closing out the season against Arizona (2003's 'epic' defeat immortalized via YouTube and Techmo Bowl here), Atlanta (1998 NFC Championship), and the New York Giants (continuously the bane of Minnesota's existence, but especially in the 2000 NFC Championship). Nothing's going to wipe away 1998 entirely, but who would have thought that Tarvaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte would lead a team that could have a chance to at least dull it a bit?

As it turns out, Lindsey bought tickets to this game (for our anniversary) knowing none of the backstory, and obviously not knowing it was going to have such weight. We'll be braving lousy roads to get there, hope the game lives up to its potential.

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