Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...On the Perils of Being a Minnesota Sports Fan

Well, That Sucked...

First, that was a touch game last night. The Twins were up by lost a 5 run lead, then got another one, then lost it AGAIN. Guerrier and Neshek combined to get lit up for 7 runs, and defensive superstar Adam Everett played some extremely sloppy defense at short in the later innings to contribute to the Tiger onslaught. I'm all for good defense, but Everett's obviously not playing at 100% right now, and with how badly he's hitting, there's no reason for him to be in the lineup right now. All in all, a tremendously disappointing loss which wasted some great offensive efforts by folks like Jason Kubel and Delmon Young.

Go Wild!

The Twins' loss was disappointing enough to where I had little patience for additional sports, so when the Wild got off to a less than stellar start in their game against the Avalanche, I wasn't in the mood for another heartbreaker. I turned off the game a little into the second period, but at the time it seemed as if the Avalanche were outplaying us. They just looked more organized in the Wild zone than the Wild did in the Avalanche zone.

Too bad I didn't have a little more patience, as the Wild won another overtime nailbiter. The Wild are up 2 games to 1 now, and have done so even when Colorado has often looked like the more solid team (this coming from a guy who knows little about the strategies of hockey... maybe playing a frantic game of 'keep away' is a great master plan - I just watch the little that I do because goals can come from out of nowhere, it's kind of exciting).

The Vikings were disappointing, the Timberwolves sucked hardcore, and I have my doubts if the Twins are playoff bound. The Wild truly might be the only hope for a good 2008 in Minnesota sports.

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  1. didn't know you were a big hockey fan. How about that Livan Hernandez kid? 3-0 with a 3 ERA? Not a bad start. But DUDE, if you get a chance, find some video of Johnny Cueto or Edinson Volquez. Cueto has 29 K's in 26 innings (as many K's as Harang has, and Harang has 1 start more) and Volquez is 2-0 with a 1.17 ERA (16 k's in 15 innings). These two kids are absolutly ridiculous on the awesome scale. Sooner or later the bats will catch up (we've got to be LAST in the majors in LOB). Speaking of bats... Morneau and who else is on your team? LOL. I keep seeing Minnesota defensive plays on the highlight reels though.

    *ramble ramble* you're never on the messenger anymore so I gotta leave these bits here!