Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fire Joe Buck

Congrats, Cards

Congratulations to the Alexandria Cardinals girl's hockey team. They won the state girl's hockey championship for the first time in Alexandria's history. It was a good game to listen to on the radio. The last 5 minutes were exciting, especially when Breck scored to make it 2-1 with 3 minutes left.

Also, good on local announcers who actually get excited when these type of things happen. Makes Joe Buck look pretty stupid after his near flatline voice during "The Play" during the Super Bowl.

Speaking Of... Joe Buck Should Really Be Fired

Check out the YouTube. you've seen the play 1,000 times before, but this time close your eyes and try to tell me that this isn't the type of playcalling that would normally occur during the 3rd quarter. It was one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history, and Joe Buck - whether in an effort to remain cool and collected, or out of sheer flippancy - treated it as if it were nothing more than a decent play.

But... if Randy Moss fakes mooning the America-beloved Packers.... well, that'll get him going.

While We're On the Subject of YouTube Football Plays...

Somebody remade the single worst play of the last 5 years of Vikings football in 'Tecmo Super Bowl'. Pretty perfectly, actually. Anyone who calls themselves a Vikings fan remembers this one. 4th and 22, and only enough time for one play. Josh McCown (of all people) throws rolls right and throws a touchdown to Nate Poole. There are plenty of YouTubes of this play, oddly enough, but this is my (least) favorite. Bonus for reminding me, once again, that a good anouncer sounds like he actually cares about what's going on.

Seriously... it's bad enough that I have to listen to Joe Buck during the baseball postseason, why should he have to bring his vanilla idiocy to the NFL, too??


  1. I, too, hate Joe Buck's lack of enthusiasm but that is the reason he is one of the biggest broadcasters in America right now. The real reason I don't like him, however, is because he's far too arrogant. Any time not spent hearing Joe Buck's voice and camera time not showing Joe Buck's face makes Joe Buck angry. Just watch him on TV or listen to his voice. You can tell. Meh. We have a hockey announcer for the Blue Jackets named George Matthews who absolutly goes ballistic when big things happen in the game. In good propriety though; he makes the games much more real.

    I was in Iowa of all places when that TD was thrown. My uncle was a Packers fan and so we were watching the updates of this one. Of course, nobody thought the Cards would win...

    It scared me to think that the jaw was 2 yrs ago, but it was. I think i've had 3 teeth wither away into nothingness right there since then (one of which I ripped out myself... don't ask..) and now I've got this junk to deal with. Lucky me!!

  2. Couldn't agree more, Buck is AWFUL!!! He made the Tyree catch sound like it was the first quarter of a middle school game. Is this really the best FOX can do? For another Buck gem, listen to his call of Endy Chavez's catch in the 2006 NLCS.

    Just compare Buck's call:

    to Gary Cohen's call:

    Here's an idea, how about getting somebody that actually cares about the game to call events like the World Series and the Super Bowl. Shame on you Fox.