Monday, December 24, 2007

Simultaneously the Most Blasphemous and Awesome Thing You Will See Today

Teh baptizum of Jesuz!
13 Den Jesus caem from Gallalee, to has baptizm from John 14 But John was all "Ur doin it rong, j00 needz to baptize me"
15 And Jesus answered sayin "STFU and baptize me n00b" and John did.
16 Wen he was baptized he gtfo of teh water and, ZOMG, teh ceilinz opened up and teh Spirit of Ceiling Cat caem down liek a duv and landeded on him 17 And, ZOMFGWTF, a voice from heven sayed "Hai guise, dis my son, and I tink he teh leet"

Courtesy of the lolcat bible, an effort to translate the entire bible into "lolcat", a terrifying internet language used to caption cat pictures.

In other news, due to a combination of having very little free time, and having nothing all that relavatory to say, I haven't been updating with any real frequency. This will (hopefully) change in the new year.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and an equally wonderful new year!

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